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09 May 2011

Scorched Earth Doesn't Burn Sacramento!

It takes six pages of New York Times magazine to get to the point, but it appears that the May revise will be exactly the "all-cuts" budget the state GOP is determined to give us.

Jerry uses the whole "the people have to see where their rhetoric ends up" rationale too.  There might even be something to it.

But when you're standing in a burnt-out shed hacking on smoke, it is really hard to hear that you're going to be firebombed so that the voters learn their lesson.

Somebody has to pay for an all-cuts budget.  It won't be nice for anyone.  It will be hell for a whole lot of people Jerry Brown doesn't know.

I suppose my biggest hope is that the state Dems in the Assembly give Jerry a raspberry and hold the budget until it's too late for the layoff window.  At least that way I'll have pleasant people with whom to drink tea before the smoke gets too thick.

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