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21 June 2011

Better Off Not Knowing

Every time I'm reminded that KIPP has decided it's ready for early primary students, I freak out.

Nothing in KIPP's record, experience or knowledge base suggests they have any business anywhere near five year olds.  I fear for the children in such a program.  I don't believe they're being educated.  KIPP doesn't educate children; it makes them good at testing.  Somehow I find it hard to believe there's much time for play, finger paint, art, crafts, mud and puppets in the KIPP Kindergarten.


Not depressing is "Vertigo" tonight at the Top of the Mark.  I need to decide if I'm going with the vintage blue-and-gold two piece or the (sort of vintage) Novak-esque Alexander McQueen dress I picked up at Tokio 7.

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