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29 June 2011

Nobody Wants Those Workbooks

I'm anti-paper wasting, which is why my site declined a bunch of student consumables this year.

The idea of the "workbook" sounds better than it is in actuality.  First, I generally prefer to have my students learn things than do rote work, especially on my class time.  So I am not a big fan of the workbook.  Sure, I could repurpose them for homework, but too many of them are useless without manipulatives and the textbook - the EDM workbooks shocking the Chronicle are.

I also see some Kindergarten social studies workbooks in there, and trust me: those sixty-odd workbook pages contain about forty-five minutes of boring work.

Edited to add something I commented elsewhere:

These aren't textbooks in question though: they're workbooks.

Also, textbooks do at times need to be thrown out, even if they are in fine condition.  New state standards and state textbook adoptions, the fact that the world changes, and similar factors do mean books become outdated.

There are still maps at my public school that show the USSR, and textbooks that reference the height of the World Trade Buildings.  I dread what the Chronicle will say when we throw these out, and I'm afraid they wouldn't do any developing country's students any good (not to mention, there are ALSO environmental costs associated with shipping).

There's a scene in Beverly Cleary's autobiography during her time as a librarian.  Her library needs to throw out some similarly outdated materials, and she is put to work pouring ink and ripping bindings to fend off taxpayer complaints.

Anyway, what with the local press catching such critical, important and useful cases of waste and corruption, SFUSD should save enough money to get me my own Tomi Ungerer-designed Kindergarten.  I want this one:

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