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30 June 2011

The window is closed!

The late layoff window cannot be used this year, by order of the state as put forward in AB114, the education trailer:

Existing law authorizes the governing board of a school 
district to terminate the services of any certificated employees of 
the district during the time period between 5 days after the 
enactment of the Budget Act and August 15 of the fiscal year to 
which that Budget Act applies if the governing board of a school 
district determines that its total revenue limit per unit of average 
daily attendance for the fiscal year of that Budget Act has not 
increased by at least 2% and if in the opinion of the governing 
board it is therefore necessary to decrease the number of permanent 
employees in the district. 
This bill would make this provision inoperative from July 1, 
2011, to July 1, 2012, inclusive. 

It also basic-aids more charter schools, which I think the LAO suggested, and a whole lot of other stuff, but there is a new Gail Carriger out so I have to read it all tomorrow.

This is a big relief.  Sure, February is going to be brutal when if the magical massive revenues don't appear, but laying off a mess of teachers now is the wrong way to take care of the problem.

The BEST way to take care of the problem is taking care of Proposition 13, and the ballot initiative process with it.

In other news, I purchased school supplies today.  SFUSD does central ordering, so specialty items that only the Kindergarten teachers might want tend to be paid for out of Kindergarten teachers' pockets.  I bought a mess of card stock, flash cards, baskets and alphabet stickers.  Also some glue dots and some new board games.  I am replacing games that are still servicable but damaged this year and giving the damaged ones to my ex-Resident.


Muir Autism Play Project. said...

Hi, E. Rat. I'm another SFUSD teacher and I follow your blog. I was wondering whether you might consider writing a post on your blog about a project I'm working on for my school-trying to get people to vote for a playground for my school at http://www.refresheverything.com/muirautismplayproject.

You can read more about me and my classroom at www.muirautismplayproject and contact me there. Thanks!

E. Rat said...

Yes, I will.