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30 June 2011

It Really is an Apocalypse. Huh.

Since Governor Brown and the Legislature don't take welfare benefits, nor for the most part attend college, nor use Medi-Cal, the effects of the budget they just passed won't impact them.

Of course, it's plenty of pain for the neediest and not a bit of it for the wealthy.

This is a de facto K-12 cut, since the repayment of past IOUs to schools has been...limited at best.  I think it's fair to assume that the $3 billion dollars the state is delaying will be delayed a very long time.  And that's before the $1.5 billion cut we can look forward to when the revenue projections don't quite work out.

So this budget manages to burn the poor while not even lightly toasting the wealthy.  This isn't a scorched earth strategy, and it's not a dose of Brown's Reality Syrup for the voter.  It's just bad policy for bad reasons.

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