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18 August 2011

Day Four

Okay, we got through Wacky Wednesday.  So far this class has not been untowardly; indeed, their management issues have been straightforward and they're generally disposed to enjoy themselves.  It helps a lot that it hasn't been very warm, so while they get tired they're not exhausted and uncomfortable all at once.  I am hoping to finish off the week on a good note these last two days, but at the same time waiting for the boom to drop.  I've been cutting activities shorter than I generally do so that things finish before the kids do.  It helps.

The lunch issues are still not worked out, and it's infuriating.


EmilyAllen said...

Hi E. Rat, I found your blog on Rachel Norton's blogroll and wanted to let you know about a project I'm working on. CSE Insurance Group is giving away $200 Target gift cards to teachers to use for classroom supplies, and teachers can nominate themselves to win through tomorrow, Aug. 19. From the bold red "Classroom Cash Expenditures" type on your blog, I'm guessing you would appreciate a gift card. You're welcome to nominate yourself directly at http://www.cseinsurance.com/teachers/ (and pass it on to your colleagues!), or if you have any questions feel free to email me. Thanks, Emily Allen (eallen at graham-associates dot com)

Anonymous said...

You're still getting lunches at 1pm??? Or is it improving slightly? Hard to imagine kinder kids being able to wait that long to eat.

E. Rat said...

Thursday they managed to get the lunch and the sides delivered on time. Hopefully it's stabilized now!

E. Rat said...

Thanks for the link; I sent it on to teachers.

My running classroom cash expenditures is more intended to note that the lazy union public school teachers earning their giant salaries may have certain expenses that people like, oh, Steven Brill don't.

...Although I suppose I could be spending it all on DVDs and things to make it easier to sleep through class without interruption.