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06 August 2011

Oh Boy, Saturday at School.

I'm leaving at noon.  Or at least by 1.  Definitely.  Absolutely.

Today I want to get the furniture sorted so that I have a cohesive structure for movement built into the classroom design.  This may involve stealing back the Very Dirty Rug and convincing a loved one to drive up to Amador County to borrow a Kirby, but whatever.

I have a tendency when on Adderall Holiday to leave jobs half-finished when I think of something else to do, and that means there are a lot of piles of books, manipulatives, etc. sitting around the classroom.  I need to get these put away.

There are also some crates I want to move, and I'd like to re-organize some shelves.  That should probably wait until next week, when I come off holiday.  I also need to kit out the tables.

The training that we just finished has left me feeling particularly stressed-out and underresourced.  It's very hard for me, after all these years, to get excited about trying new things that depend on materials I don't have and can't afford.  The thrill of MacGuyvering wears off, you know?  Rather than weaving my own baskets out of shredded plastic bags, I'd like to hang out with my family on the weekend.  Or clean my own house.  Etc.  Hopefully what with the release of the Scenario A budgets, we'll get some of the materials purchased (and a Behavior Coach).

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