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08 August 2011

Why Kids Want to be Kindergarten Teachers

About 20% of my students decide they want to be Kindergarten teachers when it comes time to decorate their promograduation sashes.  Scientific study suggests the following reasoning:
  1. Kindergarten teachers have all the cool toys.
  2. They can play with their cool toys after the kids go home.
  3. And then, they can use the paint and the fuse beads.
  4. Also, Kindergarten teachers have the best books.
  5. They can read whichever ones they want to the kids.
  6. 'Kindergarten' is a very long word, and that means you get to use more glitter paint on your sash.
  7. The teacher gets to be the boss.
  8. The teacher can play on the recess equipment, too.
  9. Only the teacher gets to turn on the oven, choose the snack, blow the whistle and decide if it's going to be a crafternoon.
  10. Kindergarten students are really smart, so teaching them stuff is super easy.

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