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01 August 2011

On the Subject of Teacher Laziness

Over half the staff of my school spent their Saturday at school, for which they were uncompensated.  Among the chores completed: moving classrooms, cleaning classrooms, hauling in supplies purchased with one's own money over one's vacation.

I will be seeing well over half the staff in a couple of hours, since we're all attending a week of uncompensated training, for which several members of our school staff (and another school's) put in hours and hours of grant writing to afford.  Thanks to their efforts, we don't have to pay.

I recognize that Joel Klein's proprietary and totally secret study of New York public school teachers found he was the only person in the district who cared about children, but since I can't see that study or its design to understand how he got those conclusions, I have to go with what I see.  It contradicts his claims, to say the least.

...The training this week should be extra-exciting since I still haven't ended my summer ADHD drug holiday.  That may not last too long, since we'll be starting every morning with a presentation/lecture.  As aids, I've packed my special archival glitter pens (for your most fabulous archival needs, I suppose), but only those.  (I have a box of pens containing several hundred metallic, puffy, glittery, UV-sensitive or otherwise awesome pens, helpfully labeled 'Ridiculous Quantity of Pens'.)  That should provide distraction without enabling me to entirely tune out while I create a masterpiece.  Also, I'm going to wear soft-soled shoes to protect against noisy tapping, and we're supposed to bring two books, so I can read under the table.  I forgot to grab my quilling papers, though.  Oops.


Anonymous said...

Wander by any school with a parking lot in my city this month, and it will be full of cars. Our first work day is supposed to be August 31st, but we have been furloughed. However, we'll probably ALL be there continuing to volunteer our time.


E. Rat said...

Walk into any office supply store and the teachers are swarming. Half the people on my staff leave training every day and go back to school. At least three people flew in the morning the training started.

Lazing about worrying about lazy teachers is a much more indolent pursuit than any teacher I know has going on right now.