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26 January 2012

100th Day of School


  1. Make 100 day necklaces using 10 groups of 10 pony beads.
  2. Make 100 day trail mix, 10 groups of 10 snack items.
  3. Make 100 day pictures, 100 color coding label dots.
  4. A number of the kids reported they were making 100 day collections - have fun with these.
  5. 100 morning exercises.
  6. Read one 100 day of school book.
  7. Write about 100 somethings.
Generally I do not make such a big deal of Day 100, but this year the kids are really excited AND I know that I am exactly, precisely 100 days into the school year, and keeping the daily count systems on track deserves some kind of recognition.

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