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31 January 2012

Unsent Letters

Chris Christie*:

“We cannot ask parents to accept failure in teachers when their children’s lives hang in the balance.”

I couldn't agree more!  Few things are more important than our children, and if in New Jersey you actually have children at risk of imminent death due to lousy teachers, then reform is clearly necessary.  (To begin, perhaps you should take those with known mob ties out of your hiring pool?  I mean, if the kids are getting the cement shoes and so on...)

I can't wait to see you fighting for parents to save their children from under-funded, segregated schools.   Those schools are really important, since you don't think their parents need to retire.

So I'm sure we won't see too many more of decisions like this, since given New Jersey's financial debacle, at the very least some of that $102 million is needed for the consultants who build the teacher accountability program and to fund that Consent Decree in Newark you don't seem to keen on.


E. Rat

*I'm afraid any standard letter appellations like "Dear" might inspire the kind of sexist, vaguely threatening "joke" the Governor saves for female journalists.  And I'm not going with some high-faluting "Honorable" or whatnot.  Certainly such a man of the (1%) people wouldn't want that!

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