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15 January 2012

You know, I don't think Jerry Brown really gets school funding at all.  Also, I think someone needs to show him some post-napalm pictures, because scorched earth?  It's very bad, Jerry.  Very, very bad.  Not something to be all flippant about.

Among the fun things in his budget, he'd like to cut TK.  That's just wrong; how can you plan and cut at the same time?  I mean, SFUSD is already way, way behind in their planning, and based on the Special Education Redesign, even without cutting possibilities you don't want the SFUSD central office minds on a short deadline.

Anyway, I assume that SFUSD will patch together the budget the way they always do: mass layoffs.  I didn't get pink-slipped last year, but I imagine this year I will.  It's becoming increasingly difficult to want to bother weathering these, especially given how bad schooling really will be come November if the tax initiative fails.  ESPECIALLY when I'm already working my rear off and not terribly healthy, you know?

Still, for once I do place primary blame on the state.  I have never been amused by Brown's budget-by-threat, but this latest one is just mind-boggling.  It's worse than "A and B" budgets and worse than "Oh, hey - possible major cuts in February, okay?"  It's budget-by-Agent Orange.

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