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05 January 2012

Tech Survey Time!

The triennial technology survey is some kind of state requirement, I think, because I've been doing them for years.  They used to be these giant time sucks that asked all kinds of questions ("Do you know how to operate a mouse and a keyboard?  If no, how are you responding to this online-only survey?") and sapped energy directly from one's typing fingers.  This year's is shorter, but has more open-ended response spaces, so I feel a little bad for Educational Technology.

I suspect that they'll be getting a number of responses like mine.  My suggestions for training courses included How To Use Data Director, an Online Resource, to Complete Report Cards When Your Classroom Computers Cannot Load the Site, Equity and eMacs: Keeping the Dinosaurs Alive, What Does SFUSD Do with Centrally-Donated Technology and Why You Can't Have Any, 20 Cook St. Needs Interactive White Boards More Than You Do, Our Committment to Equity and Your Students: Technological Equity Is Yet Another Reason to Doubt Our Good Intentions.

(OK, I didn't actually propose all of these, but I did propose some of them.)

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