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02 February 2012

Allies, Not Enemies.

I make a monthly donation to a project at Donors Choose to support my fellow teachers.  I know several other teachers who do the same.

Today I saw a grant proposal that made the startling claim that high-performing/low-income schools get less money than struggling ones.  This could be true, although they also get fewer expensive mandates to fulfill than lower-performing schools.  It went on to say that high-performing, low-income schools are full of children whose parents emphasize hard work.

...because those parents of children at lower-performing schools don't?

Wow, way to be deficit in one's thinking.  Separating communities into the worthy and less-worthy strikes me as unsupportive of one's fellow educators and their students.  After a dozen years at high-needs schools, I have yet to meet those deadbeat parents that infest them in mass numbers, lowering test scores and depressing their offspring.

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