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15 February 2012

Kindergarten For Some

Yet another way charter schools work to manage their student load in ways actual public schools cannot: enforcing their own Kindergarten entry cut-off dates.  Private schools do this too, officially or unofficially.  I've been told that some local public schools strongly encourage their own cut-off dates to some parents, but even if that's true it's not something they can enforce.

That said, I'm still leery of the new Kindergarten entry cut-off points - especially as TK disappears, I don't see any evidence that the earlier cut-off will lead to more socially and academically ready students.  I think they'll be bigger, but another year with nothing than more aging is not a panacea to Kindergarten readiness.


caroline said...

Charter and private schools enforce their own kindergarten entrance dates selectively, student by student. Which they're perfectly free to do.

E. Rat said...

Yes, but these are global policies, making it even more special (and even less in line with the press line that charter schools are just public schools with no special advantages).