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08 February 2012

So someone asked me the total cash amount of the various grants and whatnot I've done over the last five years (which is how long I've been teaching in my current District).

Anyway, I started to do the math and then realized it was over $30,000, so I figured that was a nice, round number and I'd stop there.

The continued generosity shown by total strangers to my classroom is really awesome.  It's a pity the state is not as willing to step forward, but given how bleak the annual budgets are, I can't imagine the austerity education that I'd be providing without this support.

This message brought to you by the shock of having a Donors Choose request fulfilled in less than twenty four hours, which is a personal record.

ALSO:  A big hello! to visitors from the sfusd.edu domain.  We certainly have some staff putting in long evenings!

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