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12 February 2012

Valentine's Day Crafts

It ends up my Resident is soloing on Valentine's Day, which is a pretty good idea, I think: celebration-management is important and not really taught.  I told her she was welcome to come up with her own crafts or I would provide the simple ones we generally do:

  1. Giant Envelopes.  My school may be out of markers and most colors of construction paper, but we have a lot of 12" by 15" envelopes.  Now that these envelopes can't be used for Donors Choose thank yous (too big for the no-postage-necessary label), their supply remains undiminished (site-wide, we've had maybe 150 projects filled).  Anyway, these are great for collecting valentines - unlike paper bags, they don't stand up and then fall over, and they're sturdy.  I have plenty of stamps, stickers, and scraps of construction paper for decorating these.
  2. Pattern Necklaces.  I try to avoid foam craft items, I make an exception for these beads.  The kids sort their beads, make a pattern, and then string it.  This is a nice assessment, actually, because they have a variety of attributes to use and can use more than one, or make a pattern of two patterns, etc.  
A couple of weeks ago, we had a small group covering "Cutting is Awesome", during which I taught the kids how to cut hearts (using the "draw the top of a two" method), snowflakes, etc.  That's enough Valentine's action for me.

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