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07 February 2012

Workplace Conditions.

Our school has mice, regular ant infestations, encapsulated asbestos, and leaded pipes that require daily flushing.  It also has certain systemic plumbing issues ("never correctly piped", briefly) and was one of the schools caught in the scamming-internet-wireless-installer net.

And like many SFUSD schools, we experience regular problems with our heating system*.  The main building had no heat in December - no heat on any day in December - because the heater broke, it took several days for maintenance workers to come in, and when they did they identified the broken part as one manufactured in Georgia.

My classroom is in the original building, and has a very exciting heater.  When it's broken, it doesn't just sit silent and sulking: no, it sends out refreshing gusts of freezing air.  Much like the heater at Bryant described in yet another article about heating issues in SFUSD.  I have a really great space heater courtesy Donors Choose, but I also have a very large classroom.  So it's only partially effective.  A second space heater is sadly not an option: the wiring is original too, and more than one space heater per classroom on the wing = total power failure.

Needless to say, this is one of those real-world situations other than terrible, horrible, no-good very bad teachers and their worse unions that actually has an impact on education.  It's hard to focus when you're cold.  It's not really ideal for five year olds to spend the day in coats and mittens.  And so on.

Nor is it terribly good for their teachers, particularly those with troublesome immune disorders, which is why I am bringing a nice note from my rheumatologist stating that I will suffer serious pain and permanent damage, not to mention not be terribly effective at teaching, when forced to spend week after week without heat.

This makes me very, very happy.

ETA: Doctor's notes?  Totally get you faster service.

*For the record, if Goldin is only getting two requests a week about heating issues, District-wide - well, first off that's really not a very good average, honestly.  But second, hey wait - he's lying: this article says it's two schools a day!  Anyway, thirdly: if he's only getting two a dayweek, well, his staff is protecting him from the calls, or he's out of the country a lot.

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