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24 February 2012

Based on the Board agenda, I am going to be laid off to protect less-senior teachers at "zone" schools.

Non-zone schools that are also hard-to-staff and high-needs, therefore, will be taking the brunt of the layoffs.  You know, schools like mine.

SFUSD has so many enchanting ways of proving that they really hate teachers, but this is probably my very favorite.

I mean, I'm apparently less important to the District than a first-year, uncredentialed Teach for American.  Along with everyone on my staff.  Because in the end, some high-needs schools are more important than others.

(For the record, the "special qualifications" for those zone positions?  The ones that justify laying off teachers at other hard-to-staff schools?  Exactly how many teachers do they think - do they really and truly believe - don't have them?  I mean, everyone at my school does.)

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