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22 March 2012

The Decoration Monster

I assume the popularity of Kindergarten teachers with first grade students is universal.  After all, everything was better in Kindergarten.  Kindergartens are 100% more likely to have play kitchens, and there is a standard expectation that you will get messy at least once a week.  First grade, not so much.

Anyway, I see my K alumni several times a day and play any number of games with them, including blowing kisses, copycat, pretending that I think they're chasing me/staring at me, declaring I have no idea who these giant first graders are, etc.

Today I grabbed one off the recess yard and decorated her face with fancy stickers.  I did the same thing to another kid at lunch recess; she reported to her teacher "She stole me and stickered me!"  Needless to say, my current class thought this was the best thing ever, so while they were finishing a little project I invited them to be decorated one by one (it was optional but almost everyone went for it).  By popular request, I also decorated my own face.

...something tells me that just wouldn't fly down at the Central Office, which is why I'm never leaving the classroom.

Anyway, I tried to express repeatedly that even my vast sticker supply could not support endless steal-and-stickering, but I don't think I was successful.  Happily, break begins at dismissal tomorrow and that should provide ample time for the craze to die down.

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