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09 March 2012

Marginally Nifty.

Getting through the last three days - which included a day with a videographer present, all but two of my Parent-Teacher Conferences (one no-show to reschedule and one where the scheduling is tricky because it's a Provide Your Own Translator conference - just something to keep in mind when reading SFUSD's mission statement, which includes affirmation of linguistic diversity - and I need to get the translator to schedule it, too) - on about eleven hours of sleep has got to be impressive in some sick, sad way.

Or at least it's responsible for that grammatical chasm above.  Anyway, in addition to the shortened days and PTCs, two butterflies hatched as adults, the pond snails arrived, and I managed not to have a tantrum at anyone who works for the district, including those unwilling, unable, or incapable of fixing my roster so that I can actually provide parents with report cards.  And since I was gearing up for one of those hot-afternoon-first-week-of-Kindergarten style tantrums, I think this showed remarkable self-control, especially with the low sleep and the ADHD and all.

...Although the cheerful distractability may have been what kept me tantrum-free.  Who knows?

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