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31 March 2012

Two Months Left

I still have a lot of content to cover this year:

  • -r controlled vowels (ar/or, mostly) and the idea of long vowel sounds
  • about 20 more sight words
  • summing up all the oviparous animals stuff
  • landforms
  • telling time (to the hour)
  • measurement
  • estimation
  • maps
  • building numbers 11-20 (this is a common core standard thing)
  • writing numbers to 100
We also have some big projects/events left:
  • Read-an-Eggathon (I hide eggs with words in them, the kids hunt them and get a sticker for each correctly read word)
  • Paper People Project
  • massive schoolwide event
  • Promograduation
  • Self-Portrait Project
I can get this all done, I'm sure.  My Resident also has two back-to-back solo weeks ahead, though, which means I better plot this all out exactly so she knows which of these need to be covered.

Otherwise, I'm just making the standard Kindergarten teacher wishes: May there be limited spilling of paint; may it rain only on weekends; may the cafeteria not serve bagel dogs.

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