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28 March 2012

Teachers' Unions Protect Students.

According to the education deformers, teachers' unions exist solely to protect our awesome pay and benefits while ensuring that lazy teachers can sleep through the school day, wakening only to demand that students peel grapes faster and to take a nip from a flask.

Scott Walker's Wisconsin wants to protect students from all that and more!  As you can see, students also need to be protected from teachers who want to have personal lives.  6:15 AM - 5:00 PM working hours keep teachers at schools where they belong, not out wasting time grocery shopping or spending time with their children.  And a traffic ticket is not simply an infraction: do you want your child learning from the morally bankrupt individual who speeds?

I find the "no jeans" rule particularly offensive.  Even I pull out the jeans for certain, mud-centric activities and field trips.

Really, what the deformers want is a demoralized workforce that doesn't last too long, ensuring low salaries for new teachers.  Nor are they terribly interested in a healthy workforce, or one that can look forward to a comfortable retirement: if you wanted to retire, they smarm at teachers, maybe you should've gone into business or economics, not hanging out with kids and finger-painting all day.

They haven't done the job, so they don't understand it.  They don't like children, so they don't value the work.  And they think they're smarter than the people who taught them to read.

It's beyond time to flunk them.

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