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13 March 2012

Since I'm pretty sure I'm the person who first told the union that no really, the district was going to request Superintendent zone skips ('cause I'm that nerd who waits until the after-business-hours-Friday-evening BoE agenda upload)*, I found it interesting that there was a full cadre of Zone principals at the meeting, explaining how the standards-based education and extra bodies on the ground constitute a special program so that intern credentialed teachers have "special skills and competencies" necessitating a skip.  I mean, the District sure wasn't mentioning this to all the schools taking a bigger hit to protect Zone schools.

(Or something like that.  But what's for certain is that for all that SFUSD keeps saying this is about equity, they don't seem as willing to make that argument on paper.  Maybe because it doesn't look so good with all the actual troublesome facts about high-needs schools.)

This week the rest of us are bringing our response.  I'm glad the agenda is only 87 pages; what with all the comment this is going to get long, and I gave up eleven vials of blood yesterday and just am not feeling it.

*No, really.  I emailed to ask about it right away, and my Saturday response was that it wasn't going to happen.  To which I replied that actually, it was.  For real.  Check the agenda.

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